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A family business

We are a small team! All hats are designed and manufactured in the Parisian workshop using the know-how and traditional techniques of the milliner trade.

Original creations

We attach great importance to design and the search for new shapes.

Each season we create new models.

Our common thread: an original, simple and refined design, as well as volumes with graphic and minimalist lines

After a design phase which consists of making research sketches, we develop a prototype.

Then comes the production phase.


Noble quality materials

The workshop attaches great importance to the choice of materials using noble and natural materials such as 100% merino felt, woolen cloth and leather in winter or straw, linen and cotton in summer.

Handmade creations

The production is done in a traditional way within the workshop.

It requires to follow several steps:

The stitches are machine-knitted in the workshop from French yarn.


Then the molding of the felts on wooden shapes,

then the cutting of the parts from the template and finally the assembly and sewing.

The hats are then checked one by one to ensure quality.

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